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Jul 02 2011 Words Are Like Flowers – How to Get Your Garden to Flourish
Improving your copywriting

“Words are like flowers… cultivate them carefully, arrange them artfully, and you will create something beautiful.” Just like gardening, some people have wonderful green thumbs and their plants flourish and thrive. Others (like me) have the Black Thumb of Death! Fortunately (for me) my writing skills are much better than my gardening skills. So how

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Apr 18 2011 Why Higher Price Tags Are Sometimes Better
Transparent pricing

Prior to building our new home in 2009, many an hour was spent traipsing through glamorous display homes – oohing & ahhing over lighting fixtures and cupboard handles, imagining the memorable Sunday afternoons we’d spend overlooking the meticulously landscaped garden from our stylish alfresco dining area. And from $164,000 – what a bargain!!!! Except of

Mar 29 2011 What’s In It For Me? The Benefits of Benefits
Copywriting - focus on the benefits

So what makes great sales copy? Is it well-written text? Broad appeal? A unique product? While all these elements are important and certainly help strengthen your message, probably the most critical of all is answering “What’s in it for me?” Think about it – you could have an absolutely brilliant product, but if you can’t

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